The Story

FunkAway is a new, odor eliminating spray developed to remove sweat-related funk on clothes and gear created by active people. by utilizing a patented compound called OM Complex™.

FunkAway selected Gunpowder as the team to launch their product line. Gunpowder worked closely with the entire executive committee to define FunkAway’s target consumers, positioning, brand identity and strategic marketing plan to launch the brand to the North American market. Once the strategic cornerstones of FunkAway’s brand where set, Gunpowder was engaged to execute the tactical plans needed to ensure a successful launch.

Gunpowder developed a grassroots-focused marketing communication strategy to reach out to Moms with active families. The Gunpowder solution was to use tasteful odor humor to drive awareness, interest, engagement, and purchase intent. Understanding the value of engaging these consumers in the athletic and hard-working lifestyles, Gunpowder developed a program to exist in their world.

Brand partnerships were established to engage consumers during their initial use with their new equipment. A “National Road Show” was developed to get samples into consumers’ hands at sporting events, gyms, construction sites and anywher sweat would occur. Sponsorships focused on youth and adult sporting events to drive home the point of Funk and how to eliminate it. Public Relations, social media, promotions, digital components and advertising all surrounded and focused on helping consumers defunkify their lives.

Utilizing this positioning and marketing program, FunkAway became positioned to create shelf space for a new, appealing and profitable product. Gunpowder delivered the core elements necessary to achieving the brand’s launch and our client’s businesses goals.