We Ignite Brand Action


The days of simply paying for media and pushing a polished message to the masses are over. Now more than ever, brands need to create and curate stories that matter, deliver content that begs to be shared, and inspire powerful connections that lead to business results.

Gunpowder makes that happen with a bold new model for brands to get actionable insights. That drive gutsy ideas and nimble executions to achieve real, measurable business outcomes. We are like no agency before us. Liberated from the confines of a traditional agency description, we are agile by design, value-driven and focused not on winning awards or padding the coffers of a corporate parent – but rather on doing the best possible work to igniting brand action.


Talented People From
Every Walk of Life


We are passionate dreamers. Artists, writers and tech geeks. Hunters and gatherers. Realists. Entrepreneurs. Parents, students and seekers of truth. We are a collective of people from different walks of life. With different skill sets. Each with our own ideas and our own stories. And as much as we love to celebrate and leverage our diversity and differences, we have one thing in common: a burning, unending desire to do work that matters for brands that share our passion.

We are assembled in a way no agency has dared before. We put egos and titles aside and focus on building a network that expands what is possible. Our open approach of leveraging talent from literally around the world means our clients get custom teams, better solutions and not a "one-size-fits-all" approach to solving their toughest business challenges.


A Brand's Partner, Not Agency


Gunpowder was not built to be just a PR agency, a content marketing firm, an ad agency or a digital shop. The trouble is we haven’t lately seen an RFP for “strategic partner that is focused on business outcomes and is nimble yet experienced enough to get the job done.” As you look for a new agency partner, this is where we excel:



Curious by nature, analytical by trade, we are experts in getting to the heart of the matter. From category analysis to community profiling and audits of communications across every medium, we dig deep through traditional, digitally-enabled and progressive, hard-working research to deliver actionable insights for your brand. 


With an unmatched ability to understand and appreciate your business as an underpinning, we get to work building strategic marketing plans, crisis communication solutions, media strategies, social media and content roadmaps and more. We establish a foundation and set expectations before you put the first dollar into the marketplace.


One of our most deeply-held beliefs is that the power of earned media is alive and well. We are experts in public relations and all it encompasses today. We craft stories that live across multiple touchpoints, create content that thrives across mediums and deliver messages that inspire action among people who matter.


We get out in the real world. We create change. We interact with influencers. We listen and engage. We build events and maximize sponsorships. We create things like websites, apps, mobile experiences, advertising, packaging and some of the most killer multi-media content in the world with the most talented tech folks in the industry. Finally, we measure relentlessly to ensure that what we are doing matters to our clients and their business.


We Make Connections


We’re proud of the power brands who rely on Gunpowder every day. They’re leaders who understand that success comes from authentic, inspiring communications that get attention and drive action. So we dive in with a full understanding of our clients’ business and the competitive landscape, and function seamlessly as an integral part of their team. For us that’s an incredible privilege that always keeps us fired up.


Leaving The World Better Than We Found It


Gunpowder exists because we believe there are brands that want the experience and expertise of people who have seen and done their fair share – but are weary of the tired, bloated, passion-bereft agency model. We want to do great work that matters. We want to do that work for people who care about the brands they manage and believe that the world is a better place because their products and services are in it.  We want to inspire, and be inspired by you.

Gunpowder continues to grow because we refuse to give into the pressure of taking on clients who don’t share our vision. We prosper because we empower our people in ways that other agencies would never dream of. We thrive because there are brands out there that don’t want things the way they’ve always been done. And we will never stop, because we’re having far too much fun changing the game.


Do The Best Work Of Your Life


We’re not looking for bodies to fill desks and bill time. But we do seek wildly talented people who share our passion. If you want to become a part of Gunpowder, our offer is simple: You will never be more empowered, feel more motivated or be given more freedom to work the way you work best. You will never feel more alive or get the opportunity to do exceptional, interesting and inspiring work. But expectations are high. We expect everyone to sweat the details, keep pushing and play to win. Work your ass off and enjoy every second of it.

It doesn't matter where you live, how much traditional agency experience you have or whether you want to work 15 hours a week or 80. If you have talent that you are dying to unleash and you’re interested in finding a creative way to add value to our business, we're interested in talking.

Come join us and do the best work of your life.